Over the past 9 years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s leading fashion brands, some renowned artists, and some of the world’s largest cultural organisations. This unusual combination has given me some unique insights, experiences and skills.

I love to explore what new technologies are able to bring to a project, and am not afraid to tackle ambitious ventures where others would shy away.

I work with Git/SVN, automated deployment tools and SASS. I will happily advise on internal process, best practice or fit in with your current preference. I have experience with PHP, js, node.js, nginX / Apache, Mysql, graph databases Neo4j.

Some clients I've been lucky enough to work with include: Tate, Damien Hirst, Vivienne Westwood, Whistles, Royal Shakespeare Company, IWM, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Sharjah Art Foundation, BMW, The Guggenheim, Henry Moore Foundation, Wayne McGregor, Creative Review

Previous work experience includes Senior Developer at Bureau for Visual affiars, and Senior Developer at Graphic Alliance.

I'm very happy to discuss any potential collaborations. Please contact me

01. Rothco

Rothco is a leading advertisment agency based in Dublin. In collaboration with OnStudio I was tasked to first build a prototype and then subsequently build the site in Wordpress.

The site has a rather unconventional design and thus required and unconventinal build. All content is loaded via ajax giving it that single page / application feel. Pages are loaded and then scrolled into view. Nice interaction and design touches such as sticky header which reveals itself on scroll up, and content which becomes appears and then fixes at a particular scroll points all lead to a unique experience

Launching soon!

02. Canada House

Canada House is the new home for the Canadaian Embassy in Trafalgar Square. In Collaboration with OnStudio I was tasked to develop this fully repsonsive site, showcasing the building and their impressive Collection of Art.

Endless scroll on the collections page and fully repsonsive in nature the sites clean lines and spacious feel gives focus to the Art and amazing photography

03. Graph Database - A peek at the data model

This image exposes part of the ArtRabbit graph database model. It shows a small sample of venues in Liverpool, and several events that are on at EggSpace.

Modelling graph databases comes quite easy as it is somewhat inherent to everyday objects, interactions and their associated relationships. It is refreshing using a different paradigm to that of the usual relational SQL models.

The exciting advantages over traditional databases, is that what qualified relationships can bring to the equation. Artrabbit has some key components which make it an excellent candidate for a graph data store. These being locality and social. We can ask such questions of the database such as:

Find events in a 2 miles radius of me, which friends of friends have bookmarked
Find similar users to me, who are in London and I don’t already follow

04. ArtRabbit - Replatform and Launch

Over the past year I worked as Technical Director, Lead Developer and principal architect on ArtRabbit, a Contemporary Arts listing platform. I helped form a new vision and strategy, employing new technology to enable intelligent discoverability and social interaction at its core.

Built nearly entirely upon graph database Neo4j, it allows for extremely quick pattern matching due to qualified relationships that are created within the site, when a user follows a venue for example, this in turn enables us to find high probability matches for users.

The project was highly ambitious, challenging, but has been received very well.

I was responsible for building the platform, and some key frontend elements such as the Artmap and social login integrations.

Real time push notifications, incentivised use and greater exposure to recommendations algorithm are all on the road map.

05. Roald Dahl

New site and shop for the world renowned author. The webstore evolved into somewhat of a complex project, for which I had to produce:

— Bespoke Ecommerce CMS development
— bespoke reporting
— integration to sagepay
— integration into gardners fulfillment system
— stock updates integration

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

06. Whistles

Consulting and advisory role between Whistles and their ecommerce provider. Ensuring and championing for a fully responsive site, whilst also ensuring design was adhered to throught the build phases.

Earlier site phases required some quite out of the box thinking to overcome their previous ecommerce system limitations. I proposed and implmeneted a reverse proxy to serve brand content, such as the inspiration sections, journal and lookbook. These sections were all served through another server running our own bespoke CMS. This was all seamless and hidden from the front end user, meaning their site experience and journey wasn’t disrupted.

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

07. Whistles Advent Campaigns 2011 - 2013

We always had a lot of fun coming up with the concepts and building the whistles interactive calendar. They provided a great marketing drive and conversions on their webstore were always up as a result of running these campaigns.

Usually involving novel ways of ‘revealing’ the prize or entree method, utilizing pure HTML and javascript and tending to develop from a mobile first approach

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

08. RI Advent Campaign 2013

An Christmas advent campaign, built entirely in HTML, CSS and javasript. The user drags the microscope viewer around the canvas, focusing the image by zooming in an attempt to locate the advent window.

I was responsible for entire build, CMS integration and development, front end CSS, HTML and Javascript for the viewer

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

09. Bureau for Visual Affairs - Interactive screen

Huge 52 inch plasma screen harvesting data from numerous sources in real time. New twitter followers, employee holiday snaps emailed to the studio, tweets @ and new followers.

Built in HTML5, javascript, Websockets and Node.js

I helped shape the design and built this prototype in some down time. We had lots of interest from many clients who expressed their desire to have one commissioned.

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

010. Damien Hirst

The site spans 31 years of Damien Hirst's career and over 250 artworks. A high resolution live video feed of the studio required a well considered build approach and an artwork deep zoom feature was also developed alongside to allow users to see the work at remarkable detail.

Some key build componenets included the tiling engine for deep zoom images, with automated upload to secure cloud storage and multiple live feed streams with bitrate switching

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

011. Royal Shakespeare Company - Banquo

Banquo is a Shakespearean related data aggregator and visulisation. Periodically scouring flickr, twitter and ebay for 50+ keywords, it locates then stores the data and then Banquo allows you to replay a given day.

I was involved in design process and was sole developer for the aggregation engine, backend and front end build.

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs


012. RiChannel

We worked closely with the Royal Institution over the course of several years. First delivering the Ri Channel, a video platform and portal to extend their reach and make their great scientific content accessible. Subsequently we were then commissioned to redesign and build their main site.

Made whilst at Bureau for Visua Affairs

Ri Channel
Royal Institute